Transitional Ministry Workshops


Is this Interim Ministry Training?

Yes and No. TMW is designed to help you lead change in any ministry setting, including interim ministry.  The faculty has experience leading change in linstalled as well as intentional interim positions. The lead faculty member has taught interim ministry at two different sites. An interim ministry certificate will be awarded to participants who complete these workshops. 

Is it different than Interim Ministry Training?
Yes. It's a completely redesigned set of workshops with updated material geared to help you in both installed and transitional calls. 

Should I take this if I'm going to serve as an interim pastor? 
It depends. If you see yourself as one who will be doing only interim pastorates, then it might be good to at least take a look at the other interim programs here. That said,  interim ministry is changing pretty rapidly and so are the needs of our churches. These workshops are designed to prepare you to lead effectively where you're at,  or wherever God is calling you. 

I've heard this is good continuing education for pastors. 
Over the years, only about 25% of those taking  interim ministry ever went on to serve as an interim pastor. TMW is designed to give pastors the tools they need to lead change in their current call. It's a great continuing education event for anyone who wants to be more effective as  a ministry leader.  

Do you have to be a pastor to attend?
Not at all. The concepts can be used in any area of ministry, whether as a staff person, director, associate, elder, or even as  one who works with churches in transition (i.e. Committee on Ministry member). Leadership is a team effort--the tools and concepts at TMW are for the whole church, regardless what role you serve.